November 2008

I’d not used, or even heard, of RSS feeds before this week so it was all new to me. The video clips and tutorial were informative and made everything look easy! I set up a Bloglines account, but had trouble verifying it as my PC’s security was too high. I had to switch off the PC security before the confirmation window would pop up!


I found a few sites that had the RSS feed icon, but I could not attach them to my Bloglines account so I cut and pasted the URL instead, which worked fine, so I was surprised the next day, when I switch my PC on, to find an RSS icon on my desk top with the web sites attached! 


I had mixed success using the Topix & Syndic ‘directories’; I had to try several subjects before I got a hit.


I can see the benefit of having frequently used web sites grouped together and alerted when they have been updated/changed this would save a lot of time. I’m hoping to incorporate my Blogline into my work routine. I’m going to see if other libraries catalogues have RSS feeds. The variety of feeds amazed me, from leisure interests like football to more work related e.g. BBC News.


I enjoyed this week and having 2 things allowed me to look more thoroughly into each of them.


I was excited when I looked at the tasks to do but once I got started I soon realised that my allocation of 15 min a day would not be enough.  An hour had already gone on the Tuesday and I was still on the first thing of the 3 to do for the week!  

Common sense prevailed and I decided I didn’t want to rush through any of the ‘things’ so I decided to delay the completion of them until I could spent more time on them at home at the weekend.

I enjoyed using Flickr and I could have spent all day looking at the 577 Steve McQueen images on flickr that Dave P. directed me to!

The step-by-steps instructions on how to set up a flickr account and download a picture were easy enough, it was adding a picture to my Blog that proved difficult.

Mashups are amazing, I couldn’t believe the number of different things you can do with them.

Overall this week has been great fun although it has tested my resilience!


Attached is my first attempt at a mashup. I chose the mosaic application. Great fun although the results are not fantastic. You can just about see the brown bear if you scrunch-up your eyes!

I could not find how to transfer the image directly on to my blog (I had to us a ‘screen-dump’, save as a file and upload this on to my blog page).

Originally uploaded by Dandelion Flower


This took quite a while to achieve. Did not understand at first how to send a picture on flickr to my blog. The blog address instuctions were confusing. After several variations I came up with the correct one.

This is a photo I took on my phone of an amaryllis I was given as a bulb last Christmas. As you can see it grew in to a beautiful flower!

Well I’m not sure I am doing this right as am a little confuse of what to do. I’ve found a picture that stood out as soon as I saw it. As a Steve Mcqueen fan I was excited at finding a picture of him I have never seen before. It’s from his movie Bullett which is a movie I can watch over and over again.


Yipee, my dandelion picture has now appeared on my page. I’m happy now….Dandelion

First week actually consisted of 2 days. Friday I was told I would benefit from registering with this and took the plunge. Spent the weekend trying to think of a suitable blog name – I hope you all aprove! Today got the ‘accounts’ set up. Wanted to select my own picture for my blog back ground but indicated I needed to buy more software! I gave up on this. Set up the yahoo and google accounts, couldn’t believe it, someone else has my name. How dare they! I have completed last week tasks think I will leave this weeks until tomorrow, need to have a rest now…..Dandelionflower