I was excited when I looked at the tasks to do but once I got started I soon realised that my allocation of 15 min a day would not be enough.  An hour had already gone on the Tuesday and I was still on the first thing of the 3 to do for the week!  

Common sense prevailed and I decided I didn’t want to rush through any of the ‘things’ so I decided to delay the completion of them until I could spent more time on them at home at the weekend.

I enjoyed using Flickr and I could have spent all day looking at the 577 Steve McQueen images on flickr that Dave P. directed me to!

The step-by-steps instructions on how to set up a flickr account and download a picture were easy enough, it was adding a picture to my Blog that proved difficult.

Mashups are amazing, I couldn’t believe the number of different things you can do with them.

Overall this week has been great fun although it has tested my resilience!