I’d not used, or even heard, of RSS feeds before this week so it was all new to me. The video clips and tutorial were informative and made everything look easy! I set up a Bloglines account, but had trouble verifying it as my PC’s security was too high. I had to switch off the PC security before the confirmation window would pop up!


I found a few sites that had the RSS feed icon, but I could not attach them to my Bloglines account so I cut and pasted the URL instead, which worked fine, so I was surprised the next day, when I switch my PC on, to find an RSS icon on my desk top with the web sites attached! 


I had mixed success using the Topix & Syndic ‘directories’; I had to try several subjects before I got a hit.


I can see the benefit of having frequently used web sites grouped together and alerted when they have been updated/changed this would save a lot of time. I’m hoping to incorporate my Blogline into my work routine. I’m going to see if other libraries catalogues have RSS feeds. The variety of feeds amazed me, from leisure interests like football to more work related e.g. BBC News.


I enjoyed this week and having 2 things allowed me to look more thoroughly into each of them.