January 2009

It was fun using Google Maps.  I used the postcode options to see what the house look like were I used to live although I was disappointed to see that the maps were several years old! I then put in the post code of the address of a member of my favourite pop group and found his house! (see link below) His house is the one with two cars in the drive way and the swimming pool at the bottom of the garden.  It took ages to get the picture into my blog and then it suddenly appeared, how weird!


 I liked the facility of finding hotels and restaurants near to a specified location, but I do worry about the information being out of date.  I used the ‘Get Directions’ facility to find how to get from Huddersfield to Madrid – by car – it is 20 hrs 14 mins and 1268 miles.  I looked at Google Moon and Google Mars. I was impressed at the photos and the extended information option when you click on an area.

I watched the video clip on Google Earth, the 3D images of cities were amazing. You can see all the tourist bits of a place without stepping foot there! It took a while to download Google Earth on to my PC. I was disappointed as I redid the previous address searches and found the same out of date images.

The present resolution of maps I believe means there is not a major issue about privacy as they are ‘grainy’ at max magnification. If higher resolution images do come available via these services then yes I think there will be privacy issues (although may be not with images on the Moon or Mars!)


After a good Christmas and New Year I thought it was about time I caught up with the 25 Things!

I just has a look at Wikipedia ‘Random article’ option. I ploughed through many pages, but nothing really interested me so I slightly cheated and looked up Liverpool Football Club instead! Where I found lots of comments. The ones from fans were the most interesting and I liked the way comments were worded like a conversation.

I found an interesting entry on the Wikipedia ‘Current events’ – Slovakia adopts the euro, replacing the koruna, and becomes the 16th member of the Eurozone – not good news for coin collectors like my self!

Having  accepted the invitation to join the ’25 Things’ Wiki on the Wetpaint web site, I looked through the local things listed on the Guide to Huddersfield. Living in Netherton the article about the discontinued train lines/tunnels under Netherton was interesting. Thinking of a fact to add was not easy though as what I know was already listed although I did post a short comment on the alpacas at the Farm.