February 2009

When I was first e-mailed about the ’25 things’ I decided I did not want to do it as I could not see my self having the time. I must thank the colleague who told me that I had to do it(!) because I have enjoyed all of it. I will miss the excitement of a Monday morning looking to see what the next tasks are, and spending the following Saturday afternoon (some times Sunday afternoon as well) at my PC trying to complete the tasks.

Over the past 3 months I have been introduced to many things I have never heard of before or have just heard of in passing from our students.

I can now set up my own blog and add graphics, pictures and text to it.  I enjoyed the ‘arty’ things the most such as mashups and Image Generators. The  more work related things such as RSS feeds and Google Documents I was less enthusiastic about, probably because I could not find an immediate reason to use them at work.  Although now I have the knowledge I may use them in the future.

The problems I encounted included the lack of time to spend on this at work, and the security restriction on my home computer.  At times it was a puzzle figuring out how to proceed on some of the tasks. Some of the services were not overflowing with help on the screen. It was a case of hit and miss and just going for it! 

Now that this first course has come to an end I would not like to miss out on learning about any different ‘things’ that are included in subsequent courses. It would be great if past ’25 Thingers’ could be notified when there are any new ‘things’ to explore.

Thank you for the opportunity to learn about these interesting things.



I have used YouTube before, and like the unusual/rare clips you can find on there. There  is a  mix of amateur clips that take off  things you know from off the TV to clips from broadcasts off the TV and ‘camcorder’ footage. I thought I would select an item that was associated with my blog. I had to have help to get the link in a picture format rather than a web address. I hope you like it.

I’ve wanted to learn more about Podcasts for a while. I found them listed on iTunes but the files took too long to down load and I could not see an RSS fee to attach to my blog! I changed tact and tried some of the Podcast sites listed in 25Things. I was disappointed with the search facilities, as I got results I did not expect. It took a while to find a Podcast that I had some interest in. See below.


The link below is to a recording of my experience of Gabcast, as you will hear, at first it was not straight forward, but I got there in the end! Episode 1 is a short test message, episode 2 relates to my Gabcast experience.


I tried to add a single Gabcast recording into my blog but realised that my blog would not accept the ‘mp3’ file format. I found out that when using WordPress, to add ‘mp3’ files you have to first purchase a ‘space upgrade’. I decided not to do this and instead just inserted the web address to my Gabcast page.

I had so much fun with this weeks first ‘thing’.  On-line Image Generators are amazing. I opted for the Happy Face Generator,  and clicked on the Logo option. I decided to try out the options and decided not to use the ‘happy face’ letter converter but the ‘chocolate covered’ one. This is what I created:


Continued the creative theme by checking out Image Chef. This site provided templates for you to personalize, I liked several of them including the Wanted Poster one. For an example though I chose the football shirt:


     It will be interesting to see what the other ’25 ‘Thinger’s’ have choosen as I did not have time to look at them all.






Google Documents – Again had a problem of logging into Google.mail as my password was still not recognised. Had to use someone elses instead! I uploaded a list of my favourite movie stars from my PC and sent it to a collaborator.  Again the e-mail link had to be cut and pasted in to the browser as the pop-up blocker was working over-time! Eventually I got the document back with the list extended. If I use this though I have to remember to update the original document on my PC.  The website did not give any warnings about security problems as I expected, especially with Dave’s good comment about not using it for University documents. 

I’m lucky if I find time to read one book a year, so ‘Library Thing’ didn’t seem that interesting. I did register though and can see the benefit for book lovers. I could not find anyone with similar reading tastes as me, maybe my book list was too short!

I had heard of facebook but did not really know what it was. I eventually set up an account on Facebook. I had a problem with pop-up’s being blocked on my PC. The link in the facebook e-mail was blocked so I had to cut and paste the link into my browser. I found a few friends and invited them. I looked up the Groups that were associated with the University and found one I was interested in but it wouldn’t let me in as it was a ‘closed’ group. So I decided to check out the ‘fan’ option instead. I thought it would be benefificial to join a group with lot of members,  but I had a problem joining the Guinness group which had over 3,000 members. My PC at work crashed 3 times, so instead I had to select another Guinness group that had less members.  I  must thank Bryony for warning me about the details I had made visible, I had turned into a typical student and made my date of birth visable!  I can understand why a lot of students use Facebook  as it is a good way of keeping in contact with friends and finding old ones. Personally it’s not really for me as it seems quite time consuming , this is probably why I liked Twitter more.

I set up a Twitter account and made my self add an entry each day. You are restricted to the number of characters you can input,  which is a good thing, as it makes you get to the point. Unfortunately no one could find my entries on Twitter!