I had heard of facebook but did not really know what it was. I eventually set up an account on Facebook. I had a problem with pop-up’s being blocked on my PC. The link in the facebook e-mail was blocked so I had to cut and paste the link into my browser. I found a few friends and invited them. I looked up the Groups that were associated with the University and found one I was interested in but it wouldn’t let me in as it was a ‘closed’ group. So I decided to check out the ‘fan’ option instead. I thought it would be benefificial to join a group with lot of members,  but I had a problem joining the Guinness group which had over 3,000 members. My PC at work crashed 3 times, so instead I had to select another Guinness group that had less members.  I  must thank Bryony for warning me about the details I had made visible, I had turned into a typical student and made my date of birth visable!  I can understand why a lot of students use Facebook  as it is a good way of keeping in contact with friends and finding old ones. Personally it’s not really for me as it seems quite time consuming , this is probably why I liked Twitter more.

I set up a Twitter account and made my self add an entry each day. You are restricted to the number of characters you can input,  which is a good thing, as it makes you get to the point. Unfortunately no one could find my entries on Twitter!