I have used YouTube before, and like the unusual/rare clips you can find on there. There  is a  mix of amateur clips that take off  things you know from off the TV to clips from broadcasts off the TV and ‘camcorder’ footage. I thought I would select an item that was associated with my blog. I had to have help to get the link in a picture format rather than a web address. I hope you like it.

I’ve wanted to learn more about Podcasts for a while. I found them listed on iTunes but the files took too long to down load and I could not see an RSS fee to attach to my blog! I changed tact and tried some of the Podcast sites listed in 25Things. I was disappointed with the search facilities, as I got results I did not expect. It took a while to find a Podcast that I had some interest in. See below.


The link below is to a recording of my experience of Gabcast, as you will hear, at first it was not straight forward, but I got there in the end! Episode 1 is a short test message, episode 2 relates to my Gabcast experience.


I tried to add a single Gabcast recording into my blog but realised that my blog would not accept the ‘mp3’ file format. I found out that when using WordPress, to add ‘mp3’ files you have to first purchase a ‘space upgrade’. I decided not to do this and instead just inserted the web address to my Gabcast page.