I had so much fun with this weeks first ‘thing’.  On-line Image Generators are amazing. I opted for the Happy Face Generator,  and clicked on the Logo option. I decided to try out the options and decided not to use the ‘happy face’ letter converter but the ‘chocolate covered’ one. This is what I created:


Continued the creative theme by checking out Image Chef. This site provided templates for you to personalize, I liked several of them including the Wanted Poster one. For an example though I chose the football shirt:


     It will be interesting to see what the other ’25 ‘Thinger’s’ have choosen as I did not have time to look at them all.






Google Documents – Again had a problem of logging into Google.mail as my password was still not recognised. Had to use someone elses instead! I uploaded a list of my favourite movie stars from my PC and sent it to a collaborator.  Again the e-mail link had to be cut and pasted in to the browser as the pop-up blocker was working over-time! Eventually I got the document back with the list extended. If I use this though I have to remember to update the original document on my PC.  The website did not give any warnings about security problems as I expected, especially with Dave’s good comment about not using it for University documents. 

I’m lucky if I find time to read one book a year, so ‘Library Thing’ didn’t seem that interesting. I did register though and can see the benefit for book lovers. I could not find anyone with similar reading tastes as me, maybe my book list was too short!