When I was first e-mailed about the ’25 things’ I decided I did not want to do it as I could not see my self having the time. I must thank the colleague who told me that I had to do it(!) because I have enjoyed all of it. I will miss the excitement of a Monday morning looking to see what the next tasks are, and spending the following Saturday afternoon (some times Sunday afternoon as well) at my PC trying to complete the tasks.

Over the past 3 months I have been introduced to many things I have never heard of before or have just heard of in passing from our students.

I can now set up my own blog and add graphics, pictures and text to it.  I enjoyed the ‘arty’ things the most such as mashups and Image Generators. The  more work related things such as RSS feeds and Google Documents I was less enthusiastic about, probably because I could not find an immediate reason to use them at work.  Although now I have the knowledge I may use them in the future.

The problems I encounted included the lack of time to spend on this at work, and the security restriction on my home computer.  At times it was a puzzle figuring out how to proceed on some of the tasks. Some of the services were not overflowing with help on the screen. It was a case of hit and miss and just going for it! 

Now that this first course has come to an end I would not like to miss out on learning about any different ‘things’ that are included in subsequent courses. It would be great if past ’25 Thingers’ could be notified when there are any new ‘things’ to explore.

Thank you for the opportunity to learn about these interesting things.