After a good Christmas and New Year I thought it was about time I caught up with the 25 Things!

I just has a look at Wikipedia ‘Random article’ option. I ploughed through many pages, but nothing really interested me so I slightly cheated and looked up Liverpool Football Club instead! Where I found lots of comments. The ones from fans were the most interesting and I liked the way comments were worded like a conversation.

I found an interesting entry on the Wikipedia ‘Current events’ – Slovakia adopts the euro, replacing the koruna, and becomes the 16th member of the Eurozone – not good news for coin collectors like my self!

Having  accepted the invitation to join the ’25 Things’ Wiki on the Wetpaint web site, I looked through the local things listed on the Guide to Huddersfield. Living in Netherton the article about the discontinued train lines/tunnels under Netherton was interesting. Thinking of a fact to add was not easy though as what I know was already listed although I did post a short comment on the alpacas at the Farm.